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EAZEMO is simple and easy solution to your hospitality management needs

An all-in-one Cloud Property Management Software for your Motel, Hotel, Resort, Guest House, Lodge,Inn, B&B and similar hospitality industries. Have a look at its features.

Powerful Dashboard

Every essential detail about every aspect that requires your attention

Excellent Reports

Standard and Custom reports having precise information

Automated Services

Automated Repeat Guest Booking System and Invoice generation saves time

Ready out of the box

Hassle free out of the box practical solution for day-to-day operations

Intutive UI

Super sleek and super easy to use User Interface for you

Better Analytics

In depth analysis of Revenue, Bookings and many more parameters - a click away

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Real time information at your fingertips

EAZEMO feature - Real Time Information at your fingertips

Get better insights with real time information available to you. Bookings, Guests and Revenue Info cards show data about current day stats and also compares it with the previous day. You can get to know total bookings created in a day, total guests staying in, and total revenue generated on current day.

Further, the Bookings Graph Widget shows a line graph that analytically represents the comparison of bookings done within last eight days including current day. It provides a comprehensive approach to analyze the booking details for current day as well as last seven days.

Empower your hospitality business. It's just a click away!

Tools to monitor and manage resources

EAZEMO feature - Tools to monitor and manage resources

Behind its beautiful interface, EAZEMO Cloud PMS system is an amazingly rich hospitality platform offering advanced features and tools. Tasks Widget, Room Availability Widget, and Latest Activity Widget are among such tools that provides means to monitor and manage resources in a better way.

Tasks Widget gives the information about the rooms that need attention. It clearly indicates with the room number the pending task associated i.e. either UNTIDY room or pending REPAIR work. Rooms are marked untidy whenever a guest checks-out. Likewise, If some repair work is to be done in a room - same is also indicated in Tasks panel.

Room Availability Widget provides information at glance for all the room categories, with the count of available rooms in a particular category to total rooms in that category. The information is indicated as a progress bar with tooltips that shows availability status as percentage.

Latest Activity Widget indicates who checked-in and who checked-out with the room number and date-time record. This lets you know last seven check-in’s and/or check-out’s performed.

So, it's time for hassle-free work. Get started today for free.

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Build better experiences with your Guests

EAZEMO feature - Build better experiences with your Guests

Our goal is to assist you in managing your hospitality business better and make your life easier and save you time. With this in mind, we designed and developed an awesome solution to create guest booking.

Also, if a guest visits again, previous visit information can be used to create a new booking. This helps in two ways - firstly, it saves time in filling the whole required information again. Secondly it helps in identifying the guest in a unique way. This is done via Search widget that searches for guest on so many specific parameters. And of course, Search widget is dynamic and shows results instantaneously as the user types.

Hence, this helps in improving overall operational responsiveness and building better relationship with your guests. What are you waiting for? Signup now!

Access advanced features with one click

EAZEMO feature - Access Advanced features with one Click

One of the core features of EAZEMO Cloud PMS system is binding to various Modals. The most common modal types are View, Edit and Delete. These modals show the data row selected in a module and also lets us manipulate the information of data row as and when required.

Modals unlock the powerful integration to entire platform with ease of use and better experience for users. Modals makes your work easier and provides a channel through which great tasks are accomplished. It generally connects you to all the data records available in all modules.

Now is the time for you to work better, simpler and smarter. Give EAZEMO a try.

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Doubts? Let us help you with a few FAQ's

What makes EAZEMO different?

EAZEMO is one of a kind intuitive product that will revolutionize your hospitality business needs by better approach to manage all daily activities.

How to install and setup EAZEMO?

No software to download or install. Installation and setup will be done on our blazing fast servers. You just need a computer, internet and a browser.

How can I make a purchase?

We have a unique purchasing model. Try before buy. So after signup for trial, you will see a purchase button that can be used to buy subscription package.

What do you mean by no Credit Card required?

For signup and 15 day free trial all you need is a valid email address. You do not need to provide us credit card information till you wish to buy product.

What is a personalized free trial?

Custom setup for trial will be offered for use. Just tell us your requirements like total rooms, individual room categories with prices etc. after signup.

What kind of support is being offered?

We provide an amazing product backed with amazing support. So don't worry, as we have 24x7 email support to all our customers at no extra cost.