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Personalized setup and configuration wizard

Personalized setup and configuration wizard is supposed to have information regarding total number of rooms, room categories, room rent per night, and relevant information about your setup.

PSW info is required and your setup will not be complete without it.

You will be required to furnish the info once after signup.

We will also email you regarding the PSW requirement and will send you a template that can used for completing PSW info.

Note: This is one time requirement.

Below I have illustrated a step-by-step guide to complete the PSW:

Personalized Setup and Configuration Wizard: Step-by-Step

I. Select a Site

  1. Login to your EAZEMO Account

  2. Click the Personalized Setup Wizard on left menu

  3. Now, as shown below, select at least one Site. (Your Site will be automatically available in the drop-down). Just choose it.


II. Furnish Site Name and Address Info Section

As shown in below image, please enter the following info:

  1. Site Name: Official Name of Your Hospitality Business (Ex: Blue Moon Motel)

  2. Site Address: Enter Address of your Hospitality Business (Ex: 51 BroadWay )

  3. Town/City/County: Enter the Town/City/County name (Ex: Brooklyn )

  4. ZIP/Postal Code: Applicable Postal Code at your location (Ex: 10022)

  5. State/Province/Region: Enter State/Province/Region (Ex: New York)

  6. Country: Select Country of your Hospitality Business property (Ex: United States)


Next, furnish the following info (you can skip optional fields):

  1. Site Contact: Official Contact Number of Property (Ex: +11234561234 ) (Optional)

  2. Site Email ID: Official Email ID (Ex: bluemoonmotel@outlook.com) (Optional)

  3. Tax Info: Applicable Tax type (Ex: VAT)

  4. Tax ID: You Tax Identification Number (For Trial: see note below)

  5. Site Rooms: Number of Rooms (Ex: 50)

  6. Site Tagline: Tagline you use for your property (Ex: Best Motel in Town)

Note: For Tax ID You can enter A0001000 in Trial. However, after purchase you will need to update it to actual one.


III. Provide Site Category Classification Info

Site Category Classification is most vital in this PSW. Here you should supply the following info:

  1. Category Name: Category Name for Rooms (Ex:Suite or Deluxe or Standard)
  2. Category Price: Per Night Charges applicable on the Category (Ex: $95.00)
  3. Category Rooms: Rooms that belong to this Category. Separated by comma(,) or hyphen(-) (Ex: 401-409, 411,412 )

Repeat the above steps for all your Room Categories

Note: At least one Category is required


The wizard displays three sections for Category info, If, in case you require more than three Categories - Hit the Add Category button as shown below.

After you fill the wizard, do not forget to submit the info. Hit Submit button as shown below.


That's it! You are all set with your EAZEMO Subscription package.

Thank you

Sumandeep Kaur ::: EAZEMO Support Team


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Re: Personalized setup and configuration wizard

@suman Nice Info!. Pretty detailed. However I am moving it to Knowledge Base.


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Re: Personalized setup and configuration wizard

@admin +1


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