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Supported Payment Methods

EAZEMO offer both online and offline payment methods for making a purchase for subscription packages. Our secure online store accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express Credit/Debit Cards.

Also we accept payments via Paypal and Wire Transfer.

However, please contact sales[at]eazemo[dot]com with title "Alternate payment method" to know about Bank Wire Transfer details.

Please note that all payments are subjective to 100% initial payment.

Moreover, the applicable tax on the subscription package is inclusive of the package price. For more details about the package pricing see EAZEMO Pricing.

Please note that US customers can get 15% withholding benefit (with W8BEN form) as per royalty benefit program.

Feel free to ask your queries at sales[at]eazemo[dot]com and support[at]eazemo[dot]com

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Avantika ::: EAZEMO Sales and Marketing Team


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Re: Supported Payment Methods

@avantika Thanks for the info.

Sumandeep Kaur ::: EAZEMO Support Team


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